MASMEC S.p.A. is a company specializing in precision technology, robotics and mechatronics, applied to the automotive and biomedical sectors.

For the automotive industry, for 30 years we have built automatic machines for assembling and testing components. This website is about our experience in this field.

In the latest years we extended our competencies also to the biomedical sector, for which we develop navigation systems and biotech workstations. For more information, please visit MASMEC Biomed division website: www.masmecbiomed.com.


Latest news

“Go Sud”: ideas contest


The “Cavalieri del lavoro del Mezzogiorno” group promotes a competition intended for young people and non-profit organizations which merges the appreciation of the cultural heritage with economic and social growth. Participants are invited to make short videos about the cultural hotspots located in the little villages of Southern Italy or create items inspired by museum collections. Visit gosud.it to learn more.


“Che cosa sa fare l’Italia” and the MASMEC case


The Director of the Bank of Italy, Salvatore Rossi, and Anna Giunta wrote a book on Italian economy and industry after global crisis. Their aim is understanding how Italy can reach excellence again. The authors studied different companies and found peculiar traits in MASMEC, that appears to them as “a very innovative company” and “a positive example of public-private interaction which is a source of employment and technology transfer”.


MASMEC and ITS “A. Cuccovillo”: a winning partnership


ITS “A.Cuccovillo” (institute for technical specialization on mechatronics) made a video about the partnership with MASMEC to highlight the value of this experience for young students. The focus is on those who entered MASMEC as students and then found their career path inside the company. A terrific result, according to MASMEC, which shows how far industry and education can reach if they work closely together. Click here to watch the video.

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